Sports massage has benefits for a variety of clients and we are happy to discuss if you are suitable for a sports massage.

One of the services we provide at Glasgow Premier Physiotherapy is Sports/ Remedial Massage.

We recommend Sports massage for the following:

  • Elite to amateur athletes
  • Those with manual labouring jobs
  • Office workers that spend a lot of time sat down with poor postural control

Maintenance Massage

For the client/ athlete that has built up muscle tension. We use a variety of sports massage techniques such as compressions, Muscle Energy Techniques, Myofascial release, trigger pointing, soft tissue release to combat built up muscle tension.

Rehabilitation Massage

For the injured client that has a build up of scar tissue, we use similar techniques to break up these muscle adhesions in order to promote quicker recovery.

Pre event massage

For the event that you’ve been training for… pre event massage can be used prior to training or an event in order to ready the athlete by getting a rapid release of blood to muscles so the athlete feels fully ready.

Post event massage

A much slower paced massage compared with the pre event treatment with the emphasis on getting rid of the built up lactic acid through the lymphatic system to prevent that inevitable muscle soreness the day after.