So what is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is an Allied Health Profession and at Glasgow Premier Physiotherapy we specialise in delivering a high quality physiotherapy service.

The human body is a remarkable thing and is capable of achieving great things. However, there are times where bones, joints, ligaments, tendon, nerves and muscles become damaged and can prevent us carrying out high levels of activity. In the worst case scenarios they can even prevent basic tasks and movement that we take for granted causing high levels of pain. Physiotherapy aims at assessing the bodies’ injury through a full subjective and objective assessment and aims at treating the condition and provides the patient with the ability to get back to their previous levels of ability.

Initial Consultation

You will receive a warm welcome and then a Subjective Examination where we will take a full medical history and discuss your condition. During this part of your examination your therapist will be recording your details in note format.

Following this, an Objective Examination will physically analyse your injury and come to a diagnosis.

Your therapist will then discuss your Diagnosis and Treatment. At Glasgow Premier Physiotherapy we aim to educate you in regards to your condition and then treat it.

Follow Up appointments

Follow up treatments consist of a 45-minute return visit. Your therapist doesn’t need to go through your entire form again but will ask some key questions and then proceed straight to treatment.